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#5: “She’s cute.” This is uttered when a woman doesn’t have the heart to say another woman isn’t blessed in the facial region. She can’t say “she’s ugly.” So, the more gentle option is to say “she’s cute.” It softens the harshness of the situation. Another variation of this is when a woman says “she’s got a great personality.”

#4: “I don’t care where we go out to dinner.” The facts are she does care. She just hasn’t made up her mind yet as to where she wants to go. Any ideas you offer are definitely not going to be what she’s thinking. So, why even make suggestions if she’s not going to take them? Don’t fall into that trap, man. If you don’t say anything, she’s going to ask why you’re being quiet and assume you’re angry.

#3: “Do you like this one or this one?” This is lady-speak for “I need you to confirm a choice I’ve already made.” She knows what she wants to wear – whether it’s shoes or a dress. Your woman has taken a lot of mental work to make this clothing choice. She just wants to know if she’s made the right choice. You have two options and you’re probably going to choose the wrong one.

#2: “Almost ready.” If you’ve been in any kind of relationship or have had any experience with women, we know this is never true. Those two words mean she needs about fifteen more minutes - at minimum. The moment you turn on the TV or fire up your iPhone, she’s destined to walk down the stairs. When she is ready and you see her, you better make sure you say a compliment or she’ll think you don’t like her outfit, hair style, or makeup.

#1: “I’m fine.” Put simply - you’re about to go through hell, pal.


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