The Scioto Sweep - Be part of a historic Scioto River clean-up

Saturday, September 28, 2019 | 9am - 12pm

COSI, Green Columbus and Keep Columbus Beautiful are joining forces alongside many local organizations and corporations such as Huntington, Accenture, NiSource, The Nature Conservancy, the Ohio Environmental Council and many more to clean the length of the Scioto River within the I-270 loop in just one day.All members of the community, including individuals, families and organizations are welcome to participate.

This effort is to support the opening of a new exhibition Unseen Oceans, opening at COSI on October 19, 2019, to engage and educate about the importance of our local watersheds and rivers and the impact they have on the world’s oceans.

All volunteers who participate in the Scioto Sweep will be invited to a special celebration of the clean-up at the opening of Unseen Oceans on Saturday, October 19th and to be among the first to visit the exhibition.

To learn more or volunteer, visit

About Unseen Oceans

Unseen Oceans will be making its international tour debut at COSI after it completes it successful run at the American Museum of Natural History in New York who created the exhibition.

In Unseen Oceans, visitors will embark on a journey that takes them from the oceans’ sunlit surfaces to their inky depths as they discover the latest ocean science and encounter the researchers and technologies powering exploration today. Learning about our oceans helps foster a greater understanding of their importance and how we must all work together to care for them.

COSI’s Scioto Sweep and Unseen Oceans is supported by The Huntington Bank who is proud to be part of this effort to inform, inspire and educate the community on the importance of protecting the natural world.

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