Each week Ryan Gorman discusses important national topics with experts, newsmakers, and organizations working to make a positive difference in communities across the country.

World AIDS Day, Veteran Suicide Report & Holiday Spending Tips

Share Our Strength's 'No Kid Hungry' Campaign

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Elliott Gaskins, Acting Chief Resource Development and Growth Officer at Share Our Strength. Elliott Gaskins discusses the No Kid Hungry campaign, a national initiative to end hunger in America, and ways to help support this effort during the holiday season.

Veterans Day Weekend Special

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring the following veterans organizations:
  • Colonel Duncan S. Milne (Ret.) - U.S. Marine Corps Veteran & President of the Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services
  • Dan Clare - US Marine & Air Force Veteran and Chief Communications & Outreach Officer at Disable American Veterans
  • Jim Whaley - U.S. Army Veteran & CEO of Mission Roll Call
  • Brigadier General Jack Hammond (Ret.) - U.S. Army Veteran & Executive Director of Home Base
  • Matt Parrish - Green Beret Veteran & Executive Director of Task Force Dagger

Families Fighting Flu & Kids Online Safety Act

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Alissa Kanowitz, Co-Founder and Board Member for Families Fight Flu. Alissa Kanowitz discusses the death of her four-year-old daughter Amanda to the flu, along with the work her organization does to save lives and reduce hospitalizations by protecting children, families, and communities against influenza through education and advocacy. Kristin Bride, a Social Media Reform Advocate, also joins the show. Kristin Bride discusses the death of her 16-year-old son to suicide following a relentless cyber-bullying campaign by classmates, along with her work on the bipartisan Kids Online Safety Act bill currently before Congress.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Dr. Dorraya El-Ashry, Chief Scientific Officer for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Dr. El-Ashry joins the show for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to break down the latest advancements in breast cancer diagnosis and treatments and the ongoing work toward finding a cure.

GLAAD's Spirit Day 2023 & the American Cancer Society

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD. Sarah Kate Ellis joins the show to recap Spirit Day 2023, the country’s most visible anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign, along with some of the issues LGBTQ youth face and how GLAAD is working to address those problems. Dr. William Dahut, Chief Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society, also checks in. Dr. Dahut joins the show for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, stressing the importance of women getting tested early and often, along with the progress made over the past few decades in diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

Hispanic Heritage Month & Fire Prevention Week

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder & CEO of the We Are All Human Foundation. Claudia Romo Edelman joins the show for Hispanic Heritage Month to discuss the contributions of Hispanics to the U.S. economy and culture. Ivanette Bonilla, Director of Communications for Kidde & Captain Michael Cozo, FDNY Foundation Representative, also joined the show. Ivanette Bonilla and Captain Kozo discuss Fire Prevention Week, including the importance of functioning fire alarms in homes and businesses and why fires spread more rapidly. Finally, Andrea Vastis, Senior Director for Public Education at the National Fire Protection Association, checked in. Andrea Vastis shares numerous fire safety tips for Fire Prevention Week, focusing on cooking safety before the holidays.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special honoring everyone affected by breast cancer sharing The Most Beautiful Sound, featuring Kristen Neese, ASCO’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Vice President, Ankit Vahia, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey Group (part of WPP). They explore the idea, the science, why this is important for the oncology community, and why an organization like ASCO would like to bring this sound to as many patients as possible.

Ryan is also joined by Dr Don Dizon, an academic medical oncologist with expertise in novel therapeutics and translational research specific to breast cancer, and a 2-time cancer patient and advocate, Heidi Floyd, to discuss The Most Beautiful Sound, what it means to them as it relates to the treatment of cancer and/or their journey with cancer and what this means to their communities and the inspiration and hope the Sound offers to them.

Learn more at TheMostBeautifulSound.org

National Recovery Month, Flu Shot Guidance & Mental Illness Awareness Week

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Ryan Hampton, Recovery Advocate and founder of Mobilize Recovery. Ryan Hampton discusses his work as a partner in iHeartRadio’s iHeart Recovery Month effort and efforts to reduce overdoses and end the stigma attached to substance use disorder. Dr. Leandris Liburd (CDC) & Dr. Willie Underwood (AMA) also joined the show. Dr. Liburd and Dr. Underwood discuss the Ad Council, American Medical Association, and CDC’s annual “Get My Flu Shot” campaign, an initiative encouraging Americans to get their flu shot, along with an updated COVID-19 vaccine. Finally, Dr. Bob Murry, Chief Medical Officer of NextGen Healthcare, checks in. Dr. Murry joins the show ahead of Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day to discuss the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, who are most at risk for those conditions, and resources available for those seeking mental health assistance.

The American Red Cross & 2023 Child Passenger Safety Week

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Trevor Riggen, President of Humanitarian Services at the American Red Cross. Trevor Riggen joins the show to discuss the critical blood supply shortage across the U.S. and information on the relief services the American Red Cross provides in the aftermath of extreme weather and major disasters. Anne Carlson, Acting Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also joins the show. Anne Carlson checks in for Child Passenger Safety Week to discuss the importance of properly installed child safety seats and the latest data on traffic crashes and fatalities nationwide.