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About Kelsey: I'm almost FORTY. Quick facts about me: I have two toddlers, and I'm a former tanner and active picker. The aforementioned have done a number on my skin. But now I go to Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery to reverse that damage! I. LOVE. CAPS. They have the most innovative treatments to help rejuvenate my skin, body and confidence. I also love the culture at CAPS. Their goal is to help every client look better, feel better and live better. They have absolutely done all three for me. Thank you for following me on my skincare/body transformation journey!

Third MicroNeedling Treatment

WOW! CAPS recommends three rounds of MicroNeedling, and number three gave me the best results yet. I hardly had any redness, and my face was fine at work the next day. I'd say the biggest difference has been in the texture of my skin. MicroNeedling has improved my fine lines, acne scarring and pore size. True story: My friend said I'm looking 32 these days, and not 39. I'll take it!

Post MicroNeedling Treatment

Second MicroNeedling Treatment

Yes, I had a tomato face for the rest of the day and some peeling for a few days, but no big deal. I was totally healed within three days and even filmed a TV commercial. MicroNeedling boosts your skin's collagen-creating abilities and I could quickly see a big difference. I was feeling so dull. Now I'm feeling vibrant!

Kelsey's FIRST MicroNeedling Treatment

What the heck is MicroNeedling?! I didn't know, but my bestie told me I had to try it. MicroNeedling boosts collagen and addresses so many common skin issues, like texture, fine lines, acne scarring and pore size. It's name describes exactly what happens during the treatment. My CAPS skincare specialist inserted tiny needles into my skin, and those pinpricks cause slight injury to the skin. The skin responds by making new collagen-rich tissue. How cool is that? I often get asked what it felt like. CAPS gives you numbing cream to apply before the procedure, and I honestly had no discomfort. That night it felt like I had a sunburn, but I was totally able to do my normal activities. After a few days of peeling, I was rockin' a totally rejuvenated face. My skin felt brand new!

I hate washing my face. Gross, I know, but by the time bedtime arrives, I just want to pass out in my day-old makeup and forget that this is the only face I get. If I close my eyes with my mascara on, my CAPS skincare specialist appears and starts lecturing me! CAPS carries several amazing medical-grade product lines. I've been using Alastin for the past few years and I LOVE IT. It's designed to work with the treatments you get done at CAPS, so you can continue to reap the benefits and enjoy optimal results. Gone are the days that I can slap on drug-store products and still look good. Now I have a solid nightly routine that gives my skin exactly what it needs.

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