Tourist From Ohio Wins $1 Million On Scratch Off During Florida Road Trip

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Photo: Getty Images

A family traveling from Ohio to Florida to visit family stopped along their route to fill their gas tank, and the rest was history. According to WFLA, the family purchased a scratch-off ticket at the Race Trac off of Palm Coast Parkway in Palm Coast. 45-year-old Solomon Garens was reluctant to stop the car when his wife suggested getting waters during their trip from Munroe Falls. Garens mentioned that he was exhausted, and a few exits later agreed to stop at a gas station to fuel up and take a restroom break.

He returned to the car with water for his wife and a Gold Rush Limited scratch-off ticket that he purchased inside of the Race Trac.

“When I saw the million-dollar prize, I couldn’t believe it," Garens told the Florida Lottery.

After finding out that they had won, the family had to drive four hours out of their way to Florida Lottery Headquarters to claim their prize. WFLA mentioned that Garens was given two options. He could either receive the winnings in multiple payments over the next 30 years, or a one-time payment of $795,000. He ended up choosing the one-time payment of $795,000, and the family eventually traveled back to Ohio with the story of a lifetime.

The specific Race Trac where the wining ticket was purchased will receive a $2,000 commission just for selling the ticket.

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