Man Delivers Donated RVs To Wildfire Victims To Families Have Homes

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Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Recreational vehicles are great for touring the country and seeing the sights, but they have also become a lifeline for those that lost everything in the wildfires in California.

A father-daughter team, headed by dad Woody Faircloth and his daughter Luna, have delivered 95 motorhomes to victims of the wildfires who otherwise might wait months for emergency housing.

Faircloth first got the idea in 2018 after seeing the destruction take place from his home in Colorado.

“We were watching some of what’s going on out there and talking about what if that was us and what would we do,” Faircloth said. “And I told (my daughter) what the idea was and she was 100 percent on board. She said, ‘God and Santa Claus would be really proud of us for this.’”

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