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Florida Teen Returns Lost Wallet And Refuses Reward

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Here's today's feel-good story:

Chris Person lost his wallet outside of a Publix store. He looked all around with the help of his mother, even looking at the surveillance footage for clues but had no luck.

The wallet contained all kinds of personal information including his license, vaccination card, credit cards, and cash.

The wallet was found by 15-year-old Lucas Perry, and he and his father and sister drove to Chris' address to return the wallet which had fallen out of Chris' pocket.

Chris was so relieved and happy to get his wallet back, that he offered Lucas $100 as a reward.

“They all refused my offer to keep the money that was inside it, they only wanted to do the right thing—and they did,” Chris said. “Eduardo was adamant about teaching his children the impact of a selfless, honest act, but I have a strong feeling these two teens would have done it anyway.”

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