Commuters In Scotland Save Dog Stuck On Train Tracks

Photo: shanetrue / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Last week, a group of selfless train commuters in Glasgow, Scotland, united to help a fellow passenger’s dog that ended up on the train tracks. Video of the rescue was posted to social media and has been viewed more than 1-million times. It shows nearly a dozen strangers working quickly to help the distressed dog while its panicked owner nearly falls to pieces with worry.

As the train pulled into the station, the pup slipped out of its collar and through the gap between the train and the platform. Commuter Imad Nemili, who was on the train, described the moment, saying, "I was so shocked and worried that the train driver won't hear us." However, the passengers managed to alert the driver to prevent the train from pulling away before the dog could be saved.

Several kind-hearted commuters lay on the ground, unconcerned about their nice outfits, in order to help retrieve the dog, and eventually they were able to lift the pup safely to the station platform. The dog’s owner was in tears as she was reunited with her pup and expressed her gratitude as the rescuers comforted her. Commenters to the video online praised the good Samaritans for coming to the dog’s rescue.


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