Group Of Doctors Having Dinner Save Man Sitting At Next Table Over

Photo: SDI Productions / E+ / Getty Images

During a family dinner at a restaurant in Lake Nona, a community just outside of Orlando, Florida, Eddy Montero suffered a heart attack while meeting his grandchild for the first time. Fortunately, four doctors dining at a nearby table sprang into action to save him.

Dr. Nicole Brenner, along with her residents Dr. Sonia AliceaDr. Amanda Rivera, and Dr. Suhail Saad-Omer, quickly recognized the emergency and started CPR, ultimately saving Montero's life. Brenner, who is 35 weeks pregnant, says she’s grateful for her colleagues' support in such a challenging situation.

The doctors' timely intervention and coordination turned their dinner outing into a lifesaving mission and left Montero's family deeply thankful. One of the rescuers, Dr. Saad-Omer, ended up caring for Montero when he was taken to Florida Osceola HCA Hospital after the incident. Montero refers to Saad-Omer and the other doctors as "angels" and is crediting them with his being alive today.

Source: NY POST

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