Donut Shop Owner's Day Made With The Help Of Twitter

When times are tough, Twitter will pretty much always band together to make someone's day.

The latest story comes from the son of a donut shop owner who decided to ask Twitter for help when no one was coming to his dad's donut store!

He tweeted photos of the donut store, Billy’s Donuts, located in Missouri City, Texas, which is outside of Houston, and wrote that his dad was "sad" over the lack of customers who came through for the shop's grand opening this past weekend.

Whether he intended on it or not, the tweet went viral, gaining over 320,000 retweets and 730,000 likes as of Tuesday morning. As you can imagine, a fraction of those people lived close enough to stop in for some of Billy's Donuts!


YouTube personality Casey Neistat got people excited by tweeting that he was "on his way", though whether or not he was able to make a quick trip to Missouri City, Texas, I'm not so sure!


The replies to the tweet will make your heart break but also make you extremely happy to see how people rallied around this donut shop owner.


Say what you want about social media, but when a group of strangers come together like this, it really makes me appreciate the power it has, being able to connect people around the world.

I don't exactly have plans to get out to Houston any time soon, but I can promise you, if I ever do head out there, I will definitely be tracking down Billy's Donuts and stopping in!

And yes, the owner and the family are VERY excited and thankful for Twitter's support. They posted updates on the Instagram page:


If you've stopped by Billy's Donuts, let me know on social media!

Or if you need help getting people to notice your new business, tweet me and I'll try to retweet you to get some people out to visit you!

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