The 10 Biggest RED FLAGS That Will Get You DUMPED

A new survey asked people about red flags that would make them STOP dating someone...  

Here are the top results...


1.  They're very jealous and don't like it when you hang out with your friends instead of them . . . 84% say they'd dump someone over that red flag!


2.  They're really flaky and constantly cancel plans at the last minute, 82%.


3.  They keep bringing up their ex on a first date, 78%.


4.  They're rude to your server on your first dinner date, 77%.


5.  They flirt with other people in front of you, 70%.


6.  Their friends are awful, 68%.


7.  They admit they cheated on their last significant other, 61%.


8.  After you have sex for the first time, it's awful and you realize you're not sexually compatible, 60%.


9.  Bad personal hygiene, 52%.


10.  You have opposite political views, 48%.  

You've been warned! :-) 



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