Columbus' Shadowbox Live Gets 'Down and Dirty'

Shadowbox Live - Down and Dirty 3

Every year Shadowbox Live presents a "sex-themed" show... This year's is titled, Down and Dirty and I've heard it's pretty WILD to day the least...  so I reached out to the show's chief writer, Jimmy Mak!

Jimmy explained that as writers, they are given the title of the show and that gives them a direction in which to go. So even though Shadowbox Live puts on sex-themed shows once a year, they vary based on title.

Jimmy shared, "We got the title Down and Dirty and we said, 'Well I guess we know where we are going with this particular show!'"

Jimmy shared some of the steamy details in our quick interview below, "We have sketches that involve a sex robot repair shop. We have sketches that involve a porn star trying to become a sexual education teacher. We have a sketch where a caveman basically discovered foreplay for the first time, so he's explaining to the other cavemen what exactly went on... to their chagrin."

Jimmy continued, "We try to be surprising with our comedy so you never know quite where it's going to go.  We enjoy spoofing things.. we have a sketch in there that's a Schoolhouse Rock college edition so we took all the silly songs from the Schoolhouse Rock era, but we made them about kids in college..." 

I also asked Jimmy about the music in this production as I've heard a lot of great things, "Once we have a theme, we get submissions from the entire staff and then our executive producer Julie Klein narrows it down to what she thinks will make a good show. With this particular show it's a bunch of really great, sexy, rock n roll." Jimmy shared that Down and Dirty rocks "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin, "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart and much more!

The show runs Fridays and Saturdays at Shadowbox Live now through June 16th!

From what I hear, if you like sex and laughter, this is a do NOT miss presentation...!

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*My interview with Jimmy Mak below!

Shadowbox Live - Down and Dirty 2
Shadowbox Live - Down and Dirty
Shadowbox Live - Down and Dirty 1

* On a much more serious note, my thoughts are with the entire Shadowbox Live crew as their founder, Stev Guyer, passed Thursday March 29 from cancer. Jimmy Mak and the team at Shawdowbox were informed of Stev passing shortly after our interview last week. 

Any condolences or letters of support can be sent to Shadowbox Live’s offices:

503 S Front, STE 260, Columbus, OH 43215 

Donations to the Stev Innovation Fund can be made at HERE.  

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