Central Ohio High School Students to SHINE at Shadowbox Live!

Shadowbox Live puts 36 Central Ohio high school students from 20 schools CENTER STAGE for the 10th year Monday night!

Get your tickets NOW as this is a ONE NIGHT ONLY show that sells out EVERY YEAR.  - More HERE

I had a chance to talk to Stacie Boord, Executive Director at Shadowbox Live about their annual STEM Rocks the Box program and show, and I was very impressed (our quick interview below)!

STEM Rocks the Box is an annual innovative, educational, arts intensive program defined by Shadowbox Live as a night where, "Students perform alongside professionals in an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind performance experience. It’s a real life boot camp designed to give these kids a rare taste of the arts."

Stacie shared that over 100 Central Ohio students applied and 36 where chosen for the program.  They've been coached, have been rehearsing, and Monday night they will shine! 

"We teach them everything from the performing arts, which is being in part of the rock band, comedy, dance, and vocals. But we also do the behind the scenes, so we've got kids that are in the tech booth that are learning to run the sound, the lights, and the video... I've got kids that are costuming and doing makeup. I've got kids that are doing behind the scenes, so they are doing the backstage operations... we have somebody that is assisting as a production manager... So they're really getting a FULL immersion in what it's like to be a professional artist, right here in Columbus, Ohio. It's incredibly effective and these kids are GOOD Chris. They are GOOD."

Stacie continued, "What's fascinating about it is, this is more about courage, than it is anything else. Frankly, you could be an amazing singer and have never had a voice lesson before. So it's not necessarily about prior experience. A lot of this is about me going into the schools and just saying, 'Hey, do you have an interest? Do you have the courage to just try? Because if you do, and you've got great work ethic, and you've got some natural talent, we can actualize that.'"  

Boord shared, "We hold their feet to the fire. We treat them like our ensemble members and it's incredible to watch the transformation.  And the show itself will blow you away."

This sounds DO NOT MISS.

Again, this show sells out every year.  

*Check my quick interview with Stacie Boord below and get your tickets THIS WEEKEND for Monday before they are gone HERE!

Shadowbox Live - STEM Rocks the Box

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