LIFT Yourself Up Virtual Dance Party / May 30th

Lift Yourself Up Virtual Dance Party

Saturday's from 4pm-8pm

This Saturday, May 30th -- BE READY TO DANCE!

This weeks line-up includes: Legendary singer/songwriter Trey Pearson. Trey will be giving us a glimpse of his brand new record, 1984, set to be released next Wednesday.

Aussie Ray Issak will be joining to give us a live performance of his new hit cover of Madonna’s, “Crazy For You,” which was also picked up last week on David Guetta’s podcast.

Emcee Maja Hara will be joined by Tayanna Sins, Jennifer Lynn, DJ Andreas Baxter, DJ Badger and legendary DJ Mark Hagan.

The Virtual Dance Party Legends of Dance features national and local talent that is broadcast every Saturday from 4-8 PM through Twitch, Vimeo, IHeartRadio mobile app, YouTube, and a variety of social media streaming platforms.

CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook page and join the party! WATCH / DANCE ALONG:



The purpose of the event is to

1.) lift people’s spirit

2.) raise awareness of health and support resources

3.) support local businesses and raise funds for organizations and industry workers

4.) spread the word about extended absentee voting for the Ohio primary election and to our quarantine time to reflect on the need for a strong, vibrant democracy and help those combating this virus.

Virtual Dance Party made international news with the League of Women Voters, New York Times.

For more information, visit Stonewall Columbus:

& Craft The Vote:

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