Dakota Johnson Reacts To Nepo Baby Discourse: 'That's Just Lame'

Photo: Getty Images

Dakota Johnson wasn't impressed with last year's obsession with nepotism "nepo" babies. During an interview on the TODAY Show this week, the Madame Web star was asked her thoughts about the nepo baby discourse that gained popularity after Vulture published a definitive guide to all of the nepo babies in Hollywood.

“When that first started I found it to be incredibly annoying and boring,” Johnson— who is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, and the granddaughter of Tippi Hedren who starred in two Alfred Hitchcock films in the early 1960s: The Birds and Marnie— responded.

She continued, "If you’re a journalist, write about something else. That’s just lame. So the opportunity to make fun of it, I jumped at.”

Johnson got a chance to make fun of the nepo baby discourse while hosting Saturday Night Live last month with musical guest Justin Timberlake. During a pre-recorded video with comedy trio Please Don't Destroy, the actress called out cast members John Higgins and Martin Herlihy, who are the sons of longtime SNL writers Tim Herlihy and Steve Higgins.

Before her appearance on the sketch show, Johnson cleared up one of her statements that went viral in 2023. During her interview on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon brought out the Wall Street Journal headline that went viral on social media. "Dakota Johnson Likes to Sleep for 14 Hours a Night," the headline read. "I didn't even say that like that," Johnson revealed. "I said that I could easily sleep 14 hours but I don't, like, demand it." She laughed along with Fallon and the audience, "I'm not a monster."

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