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Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century To Happen Next Week

Silhouette of howling wolf against dark toned foggy background and full moon or Wolf in silhouette howling to the full moon. Halloween horror concept.

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Coming next week is both the longest lunar eclipse of the century and this year's Leonids meteor shower.

Thursday through Friday, November 18-19, you can see the Blood Moon lunar eclipse as the full moon goes into the Earth's shadow for 3 hours and 28 minutes.

At its peak, only 2.6% of the moon will be lit up by the sun.

On the east coast, according to NASA the eclipse will begin just after 2am with its maximum at 4am.

On the west coast, the eclipse will begin at 11pm with a maximum at 1am.

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