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Father Of Daughter Who Had A Live-Saving Kidney Donation Becomes Donor Too

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Here's Today's Feel-Good Story:

A father decided to donate his kidney to an unknown patient after his daughter received a donated one in a life-saving procedure.

Arfon Jone' Daughter Seren became severely ill and had to have both of her kidneys removed. The first donation was not a match and Seren was on a dialysis machine for 10 hours a night.

Seren finally received a good kidney after months of waiting.

“Without the kidney, I wouldn’t be alive today, possibly,” said 19-year-old Seren.

During this process, her father Arfon learned about the process of donating a kidney.

“After Seren got her new kidney, she was told that I could get off the living donor list and that’s when I had a very strange experience,” Arfon said.

“It was as if I heard a voice telling me ‘there is someone else who needs your kidney’ and I just felt that I had to stay on the list.”

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