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Rare Feline Dubbed "Original Grumpy Cat"

Pallas's cat and vegetation

Photo: Getty Images

Here's Today's Feel-Good Story:

DNA evidence confirmed that the little-known and rare Pallas' Cat lives three miles above sea level on Mount Everest.

The cat is known as the "original grumpy cat" before the famous internet meme was born. Pallas' cat stands out as the most charismatic and unique wild Felidae on Earth.

“It is phenomenal to discover proof of this rare and remarkable species at the top of the world,” said Dr. Tracie Seimon, of Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoological Health Program.

“The nearly four-week journey was extremely rewarding not just for our team but for the larger scientific community. The discovery of Pallas’s cat on Everest illuminates the rich biodiversity of this remote high-alpine ecosystem and extends the known range of this species to eastern Nepal.”

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