The Hidden Messages in Twenty One Pilots 'The Hype' Music Video

Earlier today, Twenty One Pilots released the music video for their new single, 'The Hype.' The video was filmed in Tyler and Josh's hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and features a handful of loyal fans. Not only does the video have a deep meaning, in true Twenty One Pilots fashion, but it's also FILLED with hidden messages and references to their past releases.


The video itself has a beautiful meaning that resonates with fans of the band. The video starts with Tyler literally opening a square of his chest, which is where the duration of the video takes place. People have come to realize that the video symbolizes the band being at the height of their career before they took a break, everything coming crashing down around them, but they were able to pick themselves up again because of the fans and people around them. As they say in the song, "Nice to know my kind will be on my side, I don't believe the hype."


A major reference that fans have noticed are the moments that allude back to the video for their hit single 'Stressed Out'. In both videos, there's similar shots of them jamming out inside of a house. At the end of 'The Hype', Josh hands Tyler a Capri Sun, a drink that was also featured in the 'Stressed Out' video. Many people believe that all of these references mean that although they may have become one of the biggest bands in the world, they're still the same two guys playing music in their houses in Ohio.


At another point in the video, Tyler and Josh stretch out their arms and seem to be hit with debris from the house they're in. This could be in reference to a lyric in their song 'Ride'.


Another Easter egg that fans are trying to figure out the meaning of is the fact that Tyler and Josh are seen wearing layers of flannel at one point of the video, and then taking it off later on. The fans in the video were even told to wear flannel. While some people may think this is just a minor detail, fans of Twenty One Pilots know that the band have a story for every single thing they do.


A fun part of the video is the fact that Ned, a beloved character from the universe Twenty One Pilots created with their album "Trench," also has his own time to shine! He's also wearing flannel, and is shown being hold by a fan at one point, and then hanging on her back.


Tyler opening and closing a part of his chest at the beginning and end of the video even is in reference to something they've done before. Their song 'Screen,' off their album "Vessel," has a lyric "There's a screen on my chest." This is a fan favorite song for Twenty One Pilots fans and it's pretty great to see them acknowledging their past.


A major part of their latest album "Trench" is the fact that Tyler and Josh put yellow tape on themselves and things around them. Tyler has stated before that the yellow tape is how the Banditos in the story are able to find each other and escape Dema. In 'The Hype' video, Tyler is seen putting yellow tape on his microphone stand and on a falling picture.


In general, 'The Hype' is a wholesome video that calls back to various fan favorite moments. It references most of their previous videos and shows the evolution the band has had the past few years. They're trying to say that even though they may be more successful than they could have ever imagined, they still appreciate the journey they've gone one with their fans.

Even if you aren't a fan of Twenty One Pilots and didn't catch all of these references, it's still an enjoyable video for an incredible song. Check it out and see if you can find any other hidden messages!



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