Here Are the Top 20 Cities for Halloween this Year

Tis' the season for pumpkin spice lattes, basic pictures in a pumpkin patch and endless boomerangs of us ladies throwing piles of leaves up in the air.

Aside from that, spooky season has been underway and between the costumes, the candy and my favorite, the movies its the 'spookiest' time of year.

Our friends at WalletHub yet again have some pretty interesting statistics when it comes to one of the most exciting holiday of the year.

They reported that the average U.S. household is expected to consume a total of $86.27 on Halloween costs like costumes, decorations and candy. All together, that rounds to 8.8 billion bucks. Woaaahhh. I spend that much on food per year...You think I'm joking.

To get a head start on where you should go to get the best experience for the 31st, WalletHub has got you covered. They compared some of the largest cities in the country ranging from 'costume stores per capita to the average price per Halloween party ticket to share of potential trick-or-treat stops.'

To see the full list of cities in the U.S. from WalletHub, click here!

But for now, here are the top 5 cities for Halloween!

1. New York, NY

In the words of Billie Eilish...duh!

2. Los Angeles, CA

I wonder what Brad Pitt gives trick-or-treaters for Halloween???

I would definitely purchase a plane ticket to LA to go trick-or-treating for one night if he answered the door like this ↴

3. Boston, MA

Because everything in Boston is awesome.

4. San Diego, CA

Soooo Bill Gates lives in San Diego. You're welcome.

5. Finally, Las Vegas, NV

I can't even begin to imagine how sick it must be there on Halloween night. That's officially been added to my bucket list.

Thanks, WalletHub! You rock!

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