How to Celebrate Friday Valentine's Day No Matter Your Status: 4 Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day — and Friday! The love-filled holiday falls on a Friday this year and whether you’re in a relationship or single, any holiday falling on a Friday is always exciting.

If you still don’t know what to do tonight, don’t stress, Ryan Seacrest’s cohost Sisanie has you covered. See her ideas for everyone and scenario below:

If you’re single:

Grab your girls or gather up your dudes and head to a bar! There are a bunch of places who are catering to singles. For example, in Los Angeles, Songbird Café Downtown is having a Singles Valentine’s Day Party tonight!

For the couple who’s been together for a few years or maybe engaged:

Add some spice! For example in Los Angeles, the Naked At The Getty scavenger hunt could be the perfect place to add a little spice to your relationship. It’s being held this weekend at The Getty. You don’t have to get naked! But it means solving clues to find nude art around the museum.

For the couple who’s married:

Choose a "surprise" that is meaningful for your partner. For example, if your partner likes Chinese food, take them to a Chinese restaurant you have never eaten at before. Make it an adventure!

For the couple who’s married but can’t go out because of the kids:

You still need to get outside the house! So, maybe after the kids go to bed, create a mini picnic in the backyard. For whatever reason, going outside the home and spending time communicating even for one hour strengthens a heart connection even more.

And, if you’e of age, try my Valentine’s Day-inspired cocktails! Check out the video here for recipes like “Be My Valentine Margarita” and “Love Potion No. 9” that you should make at home before heading out!

(Photo credits: Giphy/Instagram/OAWRS)

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