The Internet's Latest Challenge Sets Out To Make The World More Beautiful

We all know that we're suckers for internet challenges... I mean, think about the In Your Feelings Challenge, the Tide Pod challenge, the Ice Bucket challenge... we just love a good viral challenge.

And the latest viral challenge is taking over the internet, and will actually make you believe that people are AMAZING.

No, this doesn't have to do with dancing, eating something poisonous or throwing cold water over your head!

It has to do with picking up trash in your neighborhood, and sharing the before and after photos. It's that simple.

And it's such a beautiful idea that I think I need to go out there and join the craze.

So, where did it all begin? Well, the #trashtag has technically been around for several years, but recently went viral starting with a post by Byron Roman, encouraging "bored teens" to get out there and pick up the trash in their communities.


That one, simple yet moving, Facebook post started a craze worth our time and attention!

Now, people are sharing all kinds of photos and tagging them with the #trashtag.


One participant wrote that she's usually against doing something good just to post it online, but that she was fully on board with the #trashtag if it was inspiring others to do good (which it definitely it!)

An Instagram account has also been created, showcasing tons of photos of people's before and after snaps.

From beaches to parks to yard, the challenge is definitely helping us beautify our world little by little.


So what do you say, want to get in on the challenge?

This one is so important, and I'm sure there are plenty of places around Los Angeles that we could all team up and clean up to help our community and make the world just a liiiittle bit more beautiful, bag by bag.

If you go out and participate in the #trashtag challenge this weekend - or anytime! - post your photos and tag me! I want to see all the amazing work.

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