'The Bachelorette' Hannah B. Shares What She Is Looking For In A Man


I totally drank the Kool Aid on last season of The Bachelor.

I felt for the girls when they got eliminated, I felt for Colton Underwood when the girl he wanted to be with in the end broke up with him because she felt she couldn't be ready for an engagement.

I rejoiced when Cassie Randolph came around and decided she was totally willing to be Colton's girlfriend, as long as it didn't mean getting engaged after like, 6 weeks of knowing each other (we really expect a lot from these people, don't we?!)

And I also had my questions when they announced who the next lead would be for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette: Hannah B. As in the girl who earned the nickname "Hannah Beast" after oddly growling on camera.

While I was unsure if she was the best possible choice - I would have loved to see one of the girls who Colton broke up with when he realized he had to fight for Cassie - I am LOVING how she is unapologetically herself. And I really do think that trait will lead her to finding love on this show.

On today's episode of The Ellen Show, Hannah is a guest and opens up about what kind of man she is looking for at the end of this process.

In the clip, Hannah actually talks about how her heart broke for Colton while watching their season back, as well as shedding some light of what to expect from her on this upcoming season.

But then, Ellen asks about what Hannah wants in her future husband:

"They gotta be good looking... but just a good human."

She continued, saying that she wants whoever she ends up with to really, truly know her.

“Ultimately, at the end of this, I want [him] to know me and every part of me — not just some version of myself that I like, packaged together and was like, ‘Do you like this?’ I think I’ve done that in the past. But [I’ll show] the good and the bad. And I want that in return.”

I love that outlook she has, because it's true! If you're going to marry someone and be with them forever, they have to know you.

Now, good luck, Hannah B! I can't wait to see you unleash the beast "on some jabroni" as well!

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