Instagram Has A New Shopping Feature That Will Change Your Life

We all know and love Instagram for many reasons.

I love getting to share my life and my babies with our show's listeners, I love seeing what my friends are up to when we're not together, and I love getting to follow along on other moms' (especially twin moms!) parenthood journey, even if I don't personally know them!

But now Instagram has announced a new feature that is, honestly, going to take all of my money. Because we'll be able to SHOP directly from the app.

I think about all the times I've seen baby clothes that I love and want to buy... and now the fact that I could be able to buy them in that moment... yeah I'm in trouble.

Here's all the official details on the new feature:

The new feature is called Checkout and rolled out on your app just yesterday. And it basically keeps you from having to go to a different browser in order to make purchases that are on the app.

This video released by Instagram explains it much better than I would ever be able to, so just take a look at this:


I'm honestly amazed by the technology.

Obviously, the brand you're buying from has to have signed on to make this option available to their consumers, but I have a feeling a LOT of brands are going to jump on board with this as soon as possible.

When you make your very first purchase using Checkout, you'll obviously have to enter your billing and shipping information, but once that has been set the first time, simply clicking "purchase" will automatically send your new items that that saved address.


And dangerous, if I can simply click "purchase" on items for the kids, myself AND my husband without even really having to think about it... yeah. It's amazing.

Way to go, Instagram!!

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