How Watching 'Paw Patrol' Is Actually Benefitting Your Kids

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Look, all parents know that some children's shows get old real quick.

There are those kids who are obsessed with Peppa Pig or Caillou or Paw Patrol. And if you're an adult who is watching those shows daily, even if just for 30 minutes, there's a chance you start to wonder what else you could get your kids hooked on that you might like more.

But before you switch up their favorite show, especially if it's Paw Patrol, you might want to fully understand how children's shows are actually beneficial for your kids.

And why is Paw Patrol so loved by millions of kids, anyway?

Well, according to Maureen Healy, a child development expert who spoke with Romper:

"There’s a little repetition, which is what drives parents crazy, but that’s also what's really beneficial for children... In the plot there’s always a conflict, a problem, and then it’s solved, and that helps us feel better and certainly helps children feel better."

Basically, the predictability of the show actually makes the young viewers feel safe watching it. It's a constant in a world for them that is constantly expanding and growing. And that makes sense!

The show is currently on it's sixth season - and for a kid's show, that means they're doing something right! Paw Patrol is geared toward preschool-aged kids - the age where kids are starting to be interested in new experiences, just not all at once.

So the next time you hear the TV playing Paw Patrol with another plot you feel you've heard a million times, just know that is probably the exact thing that makes your kid love the show, and it is very beneficial for their growth!

My kids aren't quite at the stage where they have a favorite show yet, but I know that time is coming soon, so at least now I will understand why the shows are they way they are a little better!

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