People Have Feelings About This New 'ABC' Song

There are a few things that you KNOW you know in life.

Like how to ride a bike, what streets to take on your commute to work and the ABC song.

But now, someone has suggested changing the ABC song to make the LMNOP part easier and... people have a LOT of feelings about this potential change. So many feelings, in fact, that Twitter erupted with people sharing their opinions on why this new version of the song is JUST WRONG.

It all started to take over Twitter when triter and comedian Noah Garfinkel posted the song last week, saying that the new version of the ABC song is "life-ruining." That tweet now has over 7.2 million views and almost 100,000 likes.

Give it one listen for yourself and your brain will likely say "WHAT?!" at the time that it comes to the letter L. And so many people felt the same about this strange version that surfaced. The reactions on Twitter are truly hilarious.

However, there are some educators who say this actually isn't all that new information and that there are several version of the song similar to this to make learning the ABCs easier for young kids.

The version of the song that sent everyone into a tizzy was created by YouTube channel Dream English Kids which is an account dedicated to making children's educational songs and videos.

I mean, if you're a teacher, I guess I can understand why this version of the ABCs might be helpful for young students. But also, I hate it. And the alphabet deserves to stay the way it is. Because it just should and it's what sounds right.

I cannot be trying to help teach my kids the ABCs and need to re-learn the song!

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