There Is A Petition To Get Barbara Walters To Do NYE Ball Drop This Year

New Year's Eve 2012 In Times Square

New Year's Eve 2012 In Times Square

If you know anything about Barbara Walters then this is a petition you may be able to get behind. Seriously, there is a real petition going around trying to get enough signatures to convince the powers that be to get Barbara up on the stage with Ryan Seacrest this New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Why would this be so epic?

Well, because then Barbara could say: "I'm Barbara Walters, and this is 2020." You know, like the show.

I'm not sure where the original idea came from, but do believe it originally started as a joke, and there is a tweet that I found from all the way back in JANUARY that suggests the idea:

Now the problem is, there are SEVERAL petitions going around because there was no major one that started gaining signatures before several were created.

One is aiming to reach 5,000 signatures and has over 4,000 the last time I checked. Another is seeking 200 signatures and has almost achieved their goal.

Now that there are people backing this idea online... do we think that the people who put on the New Year's Rockin' Eve show will call her?

I told Ryan about the idea on air today, and he wasn't against it! But obviously it's up to a LOT of people - including Barbara herself - to make the call.

There are rumors that Barbara may not be in great health right now, and she is a 90 year old woman who would have to be out in the extreme cold, but if she IS in good health, it would be soooo epic.

What a way to start a new decade, right?! I am sooo here for this. Please, someone get that woman to the stage in NYC for the ball drop!

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