Chrissy Teigen Shares Sweet Moments Behind Luna's First Haircut

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Being a parent is the most special, most rewarding and most emotional thing there can be.

Especially when the big "firsts" happen - like a first haircut - you know the waterworks are just around the corner. For me, anyway! I can't believe my son Maxon had his first haircut so young, but his hair was SO LONG already! Meanwhile my daughter Aiza isn't even close to needing a haircut yet. Maybe girls' hair just grows slower at first, because Chrissy Teigen just shared a video of her daughter Luna's first haricut, and Luna is already 3 years old!

And not only did Luna get her first haircut... but she got her first haircut from celebrity hair stylist, and close friend of Chrissy and John Legend, Jen Atkin.

Before the big haircut day, Chrissy had posted a video of Luna asking for a haircut "right now!" And Jen responded that they could "talk pricing" about the toddler's haircut.

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And then this weekend, Chrissy shared that Luna finally did get that haircut!

Chrissy shared on her stories a video of Luna getting the whole salon experience (inside what appears to be a home, though) and smiling with the words "it's happening!" over the video.

Afterwards, Chrissy shared a hilarious side by side video of Luna before her haircut and Chrissy getting her hair done for work. And the expression on both Luna and Chrissy's faces show just how "like mother, like daughter" they are!


I know I'm going to be sooo emotional when it comes time to cut Aiza's hair. I'm even emotional thinking about cutting Maxon's hair for the second time. I feel like it officially makes him a little boy and not a baby if he gets another cut! Meanwhile, Maxon might be on haircut four or five before Aiza's hair is long enough to need a trim. She might even have a couple years before that happens!

When did your kids get their first haircuts??

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