Sol’s Self Care Weekend In 5️⃣ Pics

The mood of my weekend was self-care AND my gosh did I need it!!

I spent the weekend doing things for myself, cleaning the house, spending time with my fur baby, even snuck a little date night in but dayyumm, I feel the difference in my mental health after just DOING ME for 2 days.

Now the real goal. Keep that mentality tight the whole week! Have the best day!!

Prepping for a juice cleanse (aka enjoying ice cream while I can) 10/10 on these homemade ice cream sandwiches. Full video on my IG @solontheradio

Had some major quality time with my daughter I mean dog 👀🐩and yes caved on a Starbucks pup cup!

Indulged in Columbus’ BEST birria tacos 🌮 (Martha’s Fusion Kitchen)

Took a lot of walks this weekend. The fresh air was hurting good. As pictured. Juicy was in stand off with the bunny 🐰 and bird 🐦 with a 🪱 in his mouth. NOONE would move 😂

Prepped and got pumped for my first ever 5 day cleanse from Clean Juice. A self care weekend felt in order to get the vibe right for the cleanse 💕

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